We are a group of dermatologists coming from all corners of the globe who share a common goal: to provide a one-stop easy to use information platform on skin disorders and their treatment. This website is born from a will to give as much digested information to patients and the general public as possible, never to replace the doctor, but to promote skin medicine as a whole. The information on this website has primarily been supplied by the National Skin Centre in Singapore, whom we wish to thank. All the information has been provided by dermatologists. We have also included a section for dermatologists and medical doctors with useable information. We hope this website will meet your expectations. The Global Dermatology team © 2009

General Information

general information

Designed for all, the objectives of this section are:
1-to complement the consultation with dermatologists (skin doctors). Often, the patient cannot obtain the information needed following a diagnosis.
2-to answer questions about skin problems and their treatment.
3-The information has been provided by the National Skin Centre. All the content of this website has been prepared by dermatologists.

For professionals

for professionnals

Primarily intended for usage by healthcare professionals (dermatologists, medical doctors…), this section contains information on treatment of skin conditions.
It also contains educational material such as congress notes, comments on articles, patient-oriented information etc…
Last but not least, we would like to invite you to complete our list of patient-support groups.

Find a dermatologist

find a dermatologist

Looking for a dermatologist?

This section is continuously being developed and we always invite you to drop by when needed.
Excellency let alone competance is the result of clinical skills based on solid knowledge of the skin. All of this is maintained by Continuing Medical Education (CME).

For each available country, we list a directory which enables you to find a dermatologist.

Contact us to complete the list!

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