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What is scabies?

  • Scabies is an infestation by a mite called sarcoptes scabiei. Transmission can occur while in close personal contact. In sexually active adults, transmission occurs often (but not only) sexually.
  • Affected individuals can display small red itchy growths. These lesions are located on the genitalia or at other sites like the interdigital web spaces, the wrists and the elbows.
  • The diagnosis is done by demonstrating the mite or its eggs taken from the skin lesions (burrows).
Scabies: Burrow located on the palm of the hand

Scabies: Burrow located on the palm of the hand

  • The treatment is done by applying a lotion against scabies or by taking tablets. Close contacts (whether symptomatic or not) should also be treated.


Dr Husain Ali Mahdi Juma  (دكتورحسين علي جمعه) – dermatologist. Manama, Bahrain

National Skin Centre. Singapore

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