Section : Sexually Transmitted Infections - STI

Crabs or pubic lice (pediculosis pubis)

  • The infection is normally transmitted during sexual intercourse or when there is a close skin-to-skin contact.
  • The adult mite which gives rise to pubic lice (phthirus pubis) (crabs) measures between 1 and 2 mm of diameter and appears on the skin of the pubis as grey of red-brown spots. As for the eggs, they are fixed on the pubic hair shafts. The mites are often located on the skin of the pubis and perineum and can extend to other hairy areas of the body (such as the eyelashes).
  • The main symptom of the condition is intense itching in the pubic areas. The scratching induces secondary infections locally. Blood staining in the underwear is also a sign of pubic lice (crabs).
  • Treatment is effective and consists of the application of a lotion. Sexual partners should also be treated.


Dr Husain Ali Mahdi Juma  (دكتورحسين علي جمعه) – dermatologist. Manama, Bahrain

National Skin Centre. Singapore

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