Section : History & Terminology

Confluent and Reticulate Papillomatosis: Who described it ?

  • This syndrome is also called Gougerot-Carteaud and was described in 1927 by two French dermatologists: Drs Gougerot and Carteaud.
  • Dr Henri Gougerot (1881-1955) also described:
    • the Gougerot-Houwer-Sjogrens syndrome also simply known as Sjorgren’s syndrome
    • the Gougerot-Reiter syndrome also simply known as Reiter’s syndrome.
    • pigmented purpuric lichenoid dermatoses of Gougerot and Blum
  • Dr Gougerot was an open and gentle person, as well as a great teacher and attracted trainees from all over the world to Paris (Hopital St-Louis)

Source of information: Crissey JT el al. Dermatology and Dermatologists (2002). Parthenon Publishing