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La Roche-Posay ® (L’Oréal ®)

Anthelios ®: Sun Protection

Cicaplast ®: Scar healing cream

Cold cream of la Roche-Posay ®: soothes sensitive and irritated skin

Derm AOX ®: wrinkle care

Eau thermale de la Roche Posay ®: soothes sensitive and irritated skin

Effaclar ®: skin care of oily and acne-prone (acne vulgaris) skin

Kerium ®: management of dandruff and Seborrhoeic (Seborrheic) Dermatitis

Lipikar ®: moisturization (moisturisation) of the skin

Redermic ®: wrinkle care

Rosaliac ®: management of skin redness

Silicium ®: nail strengthening varnish

Tolériane ®: moisturization (moisturisation) of sensitive and atopic skin

Note that the list is updated regularly as all pharmaceutical companies and products are not included. This is simply a guide to medications which are known to the authors of the website. Full-indications may not be included and side effects are not mentioned. All the content may therefore be viewed as an opinion.

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The steroid (corticosteroid) grading is from mild…moderate….strong to very strong.

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