Section : "Traditional" Depigmenting Products

Monobenzone 20% (Benoquin)

  • This product is known as Benoquin. Benoquin is a very potent skin whitener and may cause complete and permanent skin depigmentation. Benoquin must never be used on normal skin to produce a white complexion nor is it allowed to be utilized for the treatment of hyperpigmentary disorders as melasma, freckles, liver spots…
  • The sole indication for benoquin usage is the treatment of extensive vitiligo. In this condition, the normally pigmented areas of the skin surrounding the vitiligo lesions are depigmented to produce an even skin tone. If benoquin is used on normal skin, it is very likely that it produces a non-uniform depigmentation, i.e., it may cause patches of depigmentation. These patches usually tend to be permanent. The same is true if benoquin is applied to the hyperpigmented lesions as melasma and freckles, i.e., it may whiten up both the hyperpigmented and normal skin.
  • Despite these side effects which may arise from the inappropriate use of benoquin, this product usually produces quite satisfactory results in vitiligo patients. Benoquin is applied to the normally pigmented areas once or twice daily. This would cause these areas to become gradually depigmented within several weeks (a longer period, up to some months, may be necessary for some individuals to become completely depigmented). Unlike in normal individuals, benoquin usually produces a uniform depigmentation in vitiligo patients. The reason may be that the melanocytes of patients with vitiligo are much more susceptible to benoquin. The whitening effect of benoquin is usually evident after 2-4 months of once daily application. If considerable skin whitening does not occur within this period, as is the case for a few individuals, a double strength benoquin which contains monobenzone 40% may be recommended.
  • Most likely, benoquin is the whitening product used by the entertainer Michael Jackson to produce a white skin tone. Michael Jackson was reported to have vitiligo and might have chosen depigmentation therapy to totally depigment his skin.

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