Section : Pharmaceutical Companies and their Medication used in Dermatology

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  • Benzoyl Peroxide line : used in the treatment of acne vulgaris
  • Betamethasone dipropripionate cream 0.05%: strong steroid cream
  • Cetrizine syrup: used for urticaria and pruritus
  • Clobetasol propionate line: very strons steroid cream
  • Desonide line: mild steroid cream
  • Econazole line: used as an antifungal
  • Erythromycin line: used in treatment of acne vulgaris
  • Erythromycin-Benzoyl peroxide line: used in treatment of acne vulgaris
  • Fluticasone propionate line: strong to very strong steroid cream
  • Gentamycin line: used as an antibacterial treatment
  • Hydrocortisone line: mild steroid cream
  • Hydroquinone line: used in depigmentation treatment
  • Imiquimod Cream: used in treatment of condyloma acuminata and precancerous/cancerous lesions
  • Ketoconazole Shampoo: used in treatment of dandruff/seborrheic(seborrhoeic) dermatitis
  • Mometasone Furoate line: moderate steroid cream
  • Mupirocin: used as an antibacterial
  • Nystatin line: used in antifungal treatment
  • Permethrin: used in treatment of scabies and head lice
  • Prednisone Tablets line: many indications in skin conditions. Requiresstrict medical monitoring
  • Salicylic Acid line: used a a keratolytic (take away thickened stratum corneum or dead skin)
  • Selenium Sulfide: used to treat fungal infections and seborrheic (seborrhoeic) dermatitis
  • Tretinoin line: used in treatment of acne vulgaris, keratosis pilaris, wrinkles…
  • Triamcinolone Acetonide line: moderate to strong steroid cream
  • Urea line: used as a moisturiser and dry skin treatment

Note that the list is updated regularly as all pharmaceutical companies and products are not included. This is simply a guide to medications which are known to the authors of the website. Full-indications may not be included and side effects are not mentioned. All the content may therefore be viewed as an opinion.

The brands indicated are property of the pharmaceutical companies and are trademarked.

The products included are specifically for dermatology (eg oral antibiotics are not included).

The steroid (corticosteroid) grading is from mild…moderate….strong to very strong.

Please contact us to complete/correct the list.

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