Section : Conference Notes

Another treatment against melasma (chloasma, pregnancy mask) ?

  • The authors introduce the “DP-3 unifying concept”:
    • acts on melanogenesis and melanosome transfer
  • Study
    • Formulation was applied twice daily in 33 women aged 31 to 68
    • Methods used and comments
      • MASI: unreliable (Link)
      • Physician global assessment (PGA)
      • Photographic assessment: although it is claimed that a “significant depigmenting effect was demonstrated”, the pictures are not very impressive.
      • Pigment reduction using Mexameter: doesn’t take into account the degree of erythema which can be important in treated melasma lesions (irritation) as well as when the area is manipulated during measurement.

Conflicts of interest: The authors are affiliated with either Isdin, EVIC, or Isdin Innovation.

Source of information: Dabas G. Axillary hyperpigmentation – Efficacy of a new topical formulation in melasma patients. P1443. European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Annual Meeting – Istanbul, Turkey, 2-6 October 2013

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