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Hori’s Nevus (Bilateral Acquired Nevus of Ota)

Sunday, June 10th, 2012

Introduction It is a skin disorder which concerns mainly Asians Clinically, Hori’s Nevus can coexist with melasma (chloasma, pregnancy mask) and or solar lentigos. It can be difficult to distinguish them*. *But it is important to distinguish them as Hori’s nevus responds well to the Nd-YAG 1064nm laser. However, solar lentigos (lentigenes) respond well to […]

Migration of Melanocytes during Melanogenesis

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Melanocytes originate from the neural crest. During early embryogenesis, melanocyte precursors migrate from the neural crest to the epidermis in a dorsolateral fashion. This migration is also done to the internal ear. This migration pathway and the maturation of the melanoblasts are regulated by a variety of factors, which included tyrosinase receptors such as c-kit. […]

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