Section : Tokelau (Tinea Imbricata)

Tokelau (Tinea Imbricata): a “beautiful” fungal infection (For professionals)


  • Tinea Imbricata, Tokelau, Concentric tinea, Indian tinea, Chinese tinea, Scaly tinea, Elegant tinea, Lace tinea, Chimbéré, Gogo. Grillé, Cacapash, Shishiyotl, Roña.


E. Wilson a prominent British dermatologist of the 19th century used to say that two kinds of skin were interesting: beautiful skin or a beautiful skin disease.

  • Tokelau (Tinea Imbricata) is compatible with the latter, being a figurate dermatoses which presents as concentric lamellae of scaly plaques of scale. The condition was first described in 1879 by Fox. Blanchard named the causative organism Tinea Concentricum in 1895 and Castellani reproduced the disease with the scale in 1910.


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