Section : Présentations

CO02 Self-Assentiment Course in Virtual Dermatopathology 23rd Congress of the EADV in Amsterdam October 9th 2014


  • The second EADV clinico-pathological course using virtual dermatopathology will be held October 9th, at the 23rd Congress of the EADV in Amsterdam.
  • The faculty is an international team of speakers:
  1. Ellen Mooney, Chair,
  2. Gürkan Kaya and Ismini Vassilaki, Co-Chairs,
  3. Christina Mitteldorf and Jacqueline Junkins-Hopkins.
  • Please note: Participants must sign up for the course by 15.9.14.
  • In order to register please contact: [email protected] giving your full name and registration number (AMS14-xxxx).
  • After registration you will get an Instruction letter by e-mail with a link to the software.
  • You must create a username and password enabling them to both, practice using the software and most importantly, get online at the course.