Section : Hansen's Disease (Leprosy)

Hansen’ Disease (Leprosy) – Complications (For Professionals)

  • The importance of leprosy lies in its ability to cause permanent disabilities from damage to nerves and eyes. Nerve damage can be due to granulomatous lesions that result in fibrosis, during reactions when severe inflammation results in nerve destruction and from ischaemia caused by pressure on the vasa nervosa. . The residual nerve deficit that persists after the disease is cured undergoes the effect of denervation over decades and results in bone resorption and neuropathic ulcers.
  • Amputation of lower limb is often done for osteomyelitis or squamous cell carcinoma developing from a chronic leg ulcer.
  • Facial palsy, blindness, claw-hands, foot-drop are common permanent disabilities causing considerable morbidity.

Adapted from Dr Seow Chew Swee: Update on Leprosy

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