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Cysteamine Cream : User Guide

Cysteamine Cream is applied once a day, preferably in the evening and is then rinsed away before going to bed (the contact duration on the skin is 3 to 5 hours per day).

Initial results can be seen 3 to 4 weeks of daily application and usually the optimal results are reached after 6 to 8 weeks. (If no results are achieved after 6 weeks, the cream should be discontinued).

When optimal results have been reached, the cream needs to be applied once a week to maintain the effect. This regime prevents the recurrence of the pigmentation irregularities.

Cysteamine Cream must not be used more than once daily. You are advised to rinse the treated area with a cleanser (or soap) and water before going to bed.


  1. Known allergy to Cysteamine Hydrochloride or any other ingredients contained in Cysteamine Cream.
  2. Any kind of skin depigmenting disorders such as vitiligo. Cysteamine Cream must not be used if vitiligo is present in your family.
  3. Cysteamine Cream must not be used in pregnant and nursing women.
  4. Cysteamine Cream must not be used in children.
  5. Contact with mucous membranes such as the eyes must be avoided.


  1. Although contact dermatitis to Cysteamine Hydrochloride is rare, it is possible. To check if you are allergic, apply a small quantity of the cream on the inner aspect of your arm. After 24 hours, watch for redness and itching. In case of any unwanted skin reaction at the site of application, refrain from using the cream.

Important: After some hours of contact of the cream with the skin, a discrete sulfur-odour can appear. This is due to the active oxydation of Cysteamine Hydrochloride, and is a sign of the functioning of Cysteamine Cream. As soon as the skin is washed, the odour disappears. Avoid contact of the cream with clothes and other tissues.

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