Section : Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) - A Guide

STI – Clinical Features

  • The prinicpal symptoms are local itching and pain when urinating (dysuria).
  • The following signs can be present:
  1. blistering on the genital organs
  2. genital discharge
  3. genital erosions or ulcers (painful or not)
  4. growths in the genital areas
  5. lymph node swelling
  6. rashes in the genital areas and on the rest of the body
  • Sometimes, the infection can be asymptomatic (no signs or symptoms).

Can one diagnose a sexually transmitted infection (STI) from the signs and symptoms ?

  • No – Signs and symptoms are not specific of a disease and are only elements helping the doctor orientate the differential diagnosis when talking to the patient (history) and examing him (Physical examination).
  • For example, a vaginal discharge is simply a sign helping the doctor (physician) to narrow the differential diagnosis ranging from absolute normality to a disease, whether sexually related or not.

After how much time to the signs and symptoms of the STI occur after the transmission ?

  • It depends on the STI.

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