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Protection against Ultraviolet Light (UVB) with Phloretin Sulfate

  • The phenolic compound phloretin:
    • is a member of dihydrochalcones
    • is found in apples and apple juice
    • Phloretin 3,3 disulfonate (P33D) is obtained after its sulfonation with sulfuric acid

Pure concentrated Phloretin sodium sulfonate was added to Human Cell cultures which were irradiated with UVB 20 mJ/cm2

Results show that

  • reduced amounts of P33D were found
  • Also reduced were Cyclobutane Pyrimindine Dimer (CPD) (a marker of DNA damage), glutathion (antioxyants) and apoptosis.
  • The presence of phloretin sulfonate was tightly associated with increased expression of NER genes expression (Nuclear expression repair genes)
  • UVB induced release of inflammatory mediators such as Il-6 and Prostaglandin E2


-This study done in vitro suggests the photoprotective effect of phloretin sulfate (Study done by Biospectrum).

-It remains to be seen if drinking apple juice or applying extracts on human skin will achieve the same results.


Dr Christophe Hsu – dermatologist. Geneva, Switzerland

Source of information: p12-08 Seong WS. et al. Photoprotective effects of phloretin sulfonate against UVB-induced skin . JSID Annual Meeting (Japanese Society of Investigative Dermatology, 日本研究皮膚科学会) 2014 – Osaka, Japan