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PRP to treat Vitiligo ?

  • PRP is an autologous platelet concentrate in a small volume of plasma obtained from high speed centrifugation of the patient blood sample
  • Methods
    • 26 patients with vitiligo (type and location not specified)
    • Intradermal intralesional PRP injection was done every 2 weeks until a response was observed or improvement  was seenscoring with the Vitiligo European task Force (VETF score)
  • Results
    • « all patients showed repigmentation with variable improvement »:
      • no response: 0 subjects
      • mild response (0-25%): 12 subjects
      • moderate response (25-50%): 7 subjects
      • good response (50-75%); 4 subjects
      • excellent response (75-100%:  subjects)
  • the maximum effect was observed after a median of 10 sessions (mean 9.38 +/- 2.48)

Comment: interesting results for a safe and cost effective treatment which could be explored further with more detailed methodology adapted to the study of vitiligo treatment (photographs, vitiligo type, injections of placebo, comparison of treatment modalities….)


Dr Christophe Hsu – dermatologist. Geneva, Switzerland

Source of information: p1545 Efficacy of Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) in the treatment of vitiligo. Nassar A. EADV Annual Meeting (2014), Amsterdam The Netherlands