Section : Notes de congrès/conférences

Skin Color Regulation By Genes

  • In this presentation, the presenter takes us to the origins of humanity end explores the great human migrations in the last 2000 years – the genetic variations responsible for the evolution of skin colour are presented to us.
  • The beginning is in Africa; Darwin quotes that « the giant ape is the cousin of mankind ». The difference begins here: the skin of the giant ape under his hairs is pinkish; this suggests that the skin of man pigmented itself thourgh the influence of Ultraviolet (UV ) light shone on the equator.
  • Classical genes in the regulation of melanogenesis are MC1R, ASIP, Pink eyed…SLC24A5: the latter would be responsible of the skin depigmentation which occured when mankind migrated to Europe and Asia. Le presenter underlines P53 function: it was initially a pigmentogenic factor but now has a prinicpally reparairing role.


Dr Christophe Hsu – dermatologist. Geneva, Switzerland

Source of information: 2007 (07) – ASPCR, Singapore. Ortonne JP – Genetic Control of the Variations of Skin Pigmentation in Humans