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The role of blood vessels in melasma (chloasma, pregnancy mask): therapeutical implications

  • Melasma (Chloasma, Pregnancy Mask) is a common pigmentary condition and although it occurs more often in females and that hormonal factors may play a role, it is still incompletely understood.
  • Clinically: In the lesions, telangiectasia (dilated broken blood vessels), tend to be present and melasma lesions have more vascularization when compared with the perilesional skin.
  • The presentation also highlights that lesions have more erythema (colorimeter analysis) and that the quantity of melanin and erythema show a positive correlation.
  • Measurement of erythema in melasma could therefore give an indication of the severity of the disease.
  • Also treatment can be targeted on this vascular component such as with the pulsed-dye laser and oral tranexamic acid.
  • For better understanding of the pathogenesis of melasma, the cutaneous role of blood vessels on melanogenesis could be studied.


Dr Christophe Hsu – dermatologist. Geneva, Switzerland

Source of information: 2014 (09) – ASPCR John Pawelek Lecture. Vascular Characteristics of Melasma and Therapeutic Implications
. H.Y. Kang. International Pigment Cell Conference (IPCC). Singapore