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Treating Viral Warts with Tuberculosis-derived Proteins ?

In this Indian study, protein samples of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis (similar to the one used in the Mantoux screening test) were used:

  • PPD – purified derivative of M.Tuberculosis
  • 10IU PPD 0,1ml
  • indication: facial and palmoplantar warts or more than 15 (no mention of genital warts)
  • 2.5 IU (or TU: Tuberculin Units) on left forearm
  • 2.5 IU intralesional
  • 4 treatments sessions spaced by 2 or three weeks. Treatment was continued even if the lesions had cleared.

Assessment was done visually an was graded as: excellent response (90-100%), partial response (10-90) or no response (0-10%)


  • 41 patients were included in the study, 6 defaulted during the study
  • Total clearance was observed 30 of 35 patients (85%)
  • adverse events:
    • swelling in 1 subject
    • lip edema in 1 subject
    • eczema in 1 subject
    • systemic reaction in 1 subject (not otherwise specified)

Comment: a possible therapy which needs to be assessed in a prospective RCT.


Dr Christophe Hsu – dermatologist. Geneva, Switzerland

Source of information: p332 immunotherapy using PPD in the treatment of warts. Saoji V et al. EADV Annual Meeting, Amsterdam The Netherlands